QUESADILLA (G / V) 7.90 €


Homemade corn tortillas, shredded chicken thigh (G) or shredded beef (G) or vegetable mushroom stir fry (V), selection of cheeses, chipotle mayonnaise, marinated onions, pico de gallo. MILDLY SPICY

Quesadilla comes from the Spanish word “queso”, which means cheese. This cheese is served between two tortillas.

As far as we know La Tabla is the only restaurant in Estonia to prepare its own corn tortillas from start to finish. For the gluten-free tortillas we cook the corn in calcium enriched water and then crush the grains in a special grinder called a molino. We add cooked and dried corn flour to the dough and press it in a tortilla press (tortilladora) and then cooked on a grill. Arguably it is this method of tortilla preparation that explains why there are practically no health problems in Mexico resulting from calcium deficiency.

The first records of eating corn in the territory of modern-day Mexico date back to over 10,000 years.

Between the tortilla is a mixture of various cheeses, condiments and meat (chicken or beef ) roasted at low temperature and shredded or vegetable mushroom stir fry. If you do not like coriander, then let us know.


Rioja Bordon Crianza, Bodegas Franco-Espańolas, Rioja DOC, Hispaania/Spain 15 cl 5.50

Asteekide Kuld (käsitööõlu /craft beer / käsityöolut / крафтовое пиво) 5,2% 33cl 4.50